Join our pastors, the Ministry Model Committee, and our Board of Trustees as we embrace renewal within The Chapel! We envision a future of multiplying fruitful churches in pursuit of seeing the Great Commission fulfilled - a future that is deeply rooted in our rich history as an evangelical non-denominational church. For 88 years, our steadfast commitment to take hold of the gospel of Jesus Christ and share Him with the world has both bolstered us in seasons of trial and emboldened us in new endeavors with self-sacrifice and generosity.


Our Vision

After many months of prayer, searching the Scriptures, considering The Chapel's rich history, and listening to many voices across our congregations, the Ministry Model Committee has issued a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees, as articulated in the following five statements:



On Tuesday, April 26, the Trustees voted to affirm these statements. By affirming this, they formally recommended this direction to the membership of the church for a member vote, according to language outlined in our church constitution. Upon an affirmative membership vote, the Board of Trustees would commence a transition plan to implement these principles

To that end, The Chapel invited all members at all locations to participate in a formal member vote on September 25, 2022, so that this recommendation, and the future implications by design, could be likewise affirmed by the membership of The Chapel. All members of The Chapel, in all locations, were invited to affirm this course of action. Members were asked to select from one of two options: “Yes, I affirm this action,” or “No, I do not affirm this action.” 

All of our Chapel pastors, all of our Trustees, and all of our Ministry Model Committee members have spent much time in prayer and open discussion together, and they unanimously agreed that this decision seemed right and good for the seven churches that now comprise The Chapel.


Significant changes to The Chapel's ministry model have been thoroughly considered over the past year. We desire to continue navigating the many layers of complexity with much prayer, discernment, and grace. We anticipate a timeline that looks something like this, but we hold our planning with open hands.

(Updated 8/25/22)

Vote Results

On Sunday, September 25, the membership of The Chapel voted to adopt the five formal affirmations recommended by the Board of Trustees and the Ministry Model Committee and to authorize the Board of Trustees to take the necessary action to establish each Chapel campus as an independent church. It is with great joy and celebration that we announced the results of this vote. In what we received as overwhelming affirmation, 97.5% of members and 97.3% of non-members formally said “Yes, I affirm this action.” These totals reflect the cumulative percentage of members and non-members at all seven Chapel Campuses collectively.

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Next Steps

A Camp Carl Evaluation Committee has been assembled for the purpose of reviewing the existing structure of oversight at Camp Carl and proposing recommendations for the future so that Camp can most effectively continue in partnership and under the oversight of independent Chapel churches. This team, made up of men and women from multiple Chapel campuses, including pastors and trustees, will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees who will in turn bring a recommendation to Chapel members for a vote.

We anticipate calling the next formal member vote on Sunday, January 29, 2023. At this time, members will have an opportunity to vote on proposed recommendations for the future of Camp Carl; elect new Trustee Board members who will serve until all Chapel campuses are launched into independence; and affirm the results of The Chapel's annual financial audit.


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See our answers to the FAQs we've been asked throughout this process, from financial matters to our anticipated timeline to the expected impact on our ministries.

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Church Constitution

Read through The Chapel's current church constitution and familiarize yourself with the voting process and other important information for members.

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