I.              Where will the church be?

This is a great question because we’re going to be deconstructing paradigms of what the church is. The church is not a building or a location, it is a group of believers who have been called by God and have been sent out by Him.

We do not have a church building and our Sunday gatherings will be held in different locations throughout the city. We will be in indoor facilities and in outdoor facilities (not in January or February so don’t worry).

How will you know where we meet? Email list, social media, and the here on the website.

II.           Do you have to live in CFalls to be a part of the church?

No. Our focus as a church will be Cuyahoga Falls but our goal is also to strengthen and encourage you to live out your faith where you live, work, and play. So while our collective focus will be here, you will also have other areas in your spheres of influence that need Jesus.

III.         Will there be small groups?

Yes, we will have small groups and smaller groups.

The small groups will be home groups and will be based on your location. The goal of the small groups is to build each other up and to make disciples - fulfilling the Great Commission.

The smaller groups will be made up of 3-4 people, will meet in public areas, and the goal of these is study, accountability, and discipleship.

IV.         What will Sundays look like?

In addition to being in a different location on occasion, the Sunday gatherings will look different and similar to a “traditional” service. The Sunday gathering is the culmination of a week of worshipping Jesus with our lives. Living out our faith where we live, work, and play, this is actually a form of worship. We then gather as one body on Sunday and worship together. 

Another main difference is that children will be in the service with their parents.

V.           Children’s ministry

Around 75% of children leave the church after high school. This 75% are the ones that grew up going to Sunday School, they were consistent, they know what the Bible says and yet they are leaving the church. There are many reasons for this, much of which you can read about but a few of the main reasons are quite simple actually. Kids don’t get to see their parents worshipping, learning, and struggling through their faith. We have made faith so private that kids have been separated from their parents.

Often times, when a child graduates high school they don’t know how to function in a church - they have not been a part of the church and therefore they get lost. What we are doing is not working and so in looking for answers we see that the Gospel is spread from parent to children - we read this over and over again in Acts - faith is a family affair.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t have things for kids and youth to do together but the main focus is being a family. In the small groups, the kids will be there. In service opportunities, the kids will be there. Our focus as a church will be to help you, as parents, lead your children in their faith. We are called to make disciples and your most important disciples are your children.

We will walk beside you, with you, learning together what it means to raise our children in the faith. We will be making this change with you, our kids will be making this change with your kids. It’s different than what we are used to but we cannot stress enough the importance of leading your family in their faith.

VI.         What is our goal?

To help all people to Believe in Jesus, Belong to the family of believers, to Become disciples, and to Build the Kingdom.

51 to none. Practically this means that we will be multiplying. As the Gospel is spread, we make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. As our small groups grow, they will multiply into additional groups. As our smaller groups grow they will split into additional groups. As the church grows, we will plant another church.

Our goal as a church is to multiply, to spread the Gospel throughout the city so that people come to know Jesus and we do all we can, by the power and grace of God, to satisfy that need.

VII.      What are the expectations?

To love Jesus and make disciples. This requires time, energy, and sacrifice but the reward is eternal.