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December 2021

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Sherri Ens – (Missionary served in Macedonia & now in Transition) – I just moved back to North America – please pray that I settle well - including all the logistics, but also that I will connect well with people. Pray that as I move ahead trusting God for the future, that I would have peace and patience while I discern how God is leading.  For the ministry in Macedonia, please pray for the believers in our area to truly step up in faith and confidence in our Lord to lead their own people. Pray specifically for Simona, a young girl from my youth group that is now doing ministry with her pastor husband Angel. They’re very young but also really excited about following Christ and reaching others. Also pray for Sasha, another young man that grew up in our church and his whole family came to Christ during our time there. Currently Sash & Angel are being discipled by another pastor with the hopes for future ministry. Pray for God’s leading in these young people as they follow God’s path. 

India Outreach – (Director: Doug Lauer) – Pray for the staff and children of the five schools we helped to start who are now meeting in person. Also pray that our pastors and their churches safely have their annual Jesus Festival in early December. During this festival, the small churches gather for several days, under a large tent, to experience praise and worship among several thousand believers. Pray that Covid-19 and seasonal illnesses will not hinder this experience for the churches. Please pray for protection from the evil one who schemes against the work through the church. Please pray for wisdom, good health, and protection for all the ministry leaders as they lead this multifaceted ministry throughout all of India.

Yucatan Outreach – Please pray that God would strengthen and move in the church plants multiple Yucatan villages.  Pray that God would empower and embolden the body of Christ to reach out and share the hope of the Gospel of Christ with their communities. Also pray that God gives the Mission House leadership wisdom to know how to lead the church and reach the people.  And pray that God would also raise up more laborers for the harvest field in the Yucatan.

Nancy Ware serving Refugees in North Akron – Please ask that God would use our holiday program to draw people to himself. Pray for comfort for refugee families as several grandmas have died recently. Pray for Boi and Jona to be drawn to Christ.


Chuck & Peggy serving in New Jersey & Middle East – We have had our 32-year-old disabled son, Tim, back living with us since March 2021. Thank the Lord with us that some of his health problems have improved. Please pray we will be able to get an accessible van and home care aides in the coming months. Three T. Project writers are working on new group discipleship materials. Pray for the Spirit's enabling for the writers and that the materials would be used to build up local churches where we minister. Pray we would grow in humility and Christ-like relationships. There is also a new initiative to reach those in the NY Metro area. Pray for many to to hear the gospel, follow Christ, and be established in new churches.

Amber & Edward serving in Poland – Praise the Lord for the safe and uncomplicated delivery of William David, born September 30th. Praise God also that Amber was able to pray with her hospital roommate and talk with her about faith. Pray for Edward as he takes on more preaching responsibilities at church and that he will continue growing in his ability to preach in Polish. Pray for our church family. Very recently, a much-loved sister in the Lord passed away after complications from Covid-19. Her husband has been serving faithfully as the head elder of our church. Please pray for this dear family and our church members as well as we all grieve this loss. 

Mozambique Outreach - (Director: Michael Boso) - Pray for a new family group that formed in the village of M. where 11 have received salvation. Please pray they continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ and strengthen them in faith. Also pray that they would be connected to the church and grow as part of the Body of Christ.  And pray that God would guide Pastor B. as he leads the church ministry.


Craig & Carol Lynn Rucin serving in Poland – Pray for Carol that she will finish her MA in TESOL well as she is in her final semester. Pray for our local church as our leaders (including us) have been sick with Covid-19. Pray for us as we train and lead the orientation of our new missionaries who arrived at the start of November. Pray for us as we make contact with a new local church planter and seek to work with him.

International Outreach – (Director: Stephen Morris) – We praise the Lord for his continued work in our ministry through Friday Night Dinners and through our ESL classes. Please pray for wisdom as we make plans for 2022. Pray also for the students attending the V. Conference, a national conference bringing international students together to explore who Jesus is through spiritual conversations.


Globallead serving around the world (International Office) – Pray as they continue global discipleship trainings. Pray for our board here as we work on strategic planning for 2022 and beyond. Pray for Eric as he continues to serve in our Heart of the Leader ministry. Pray for our need for additional staff in the international office. Seeking an additional bookkeeper and a new administrative assistant for Chris.

Cambodia Outreach – (Director: Kathi Ferris) – Pray for the health of all the Asia’s Hope families.  For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began, several children & staff have tested positive for the virus. Gratefully, all children and adults at both campuses have been fully vaccinated and symptoms so far have been mild.  Congratulations to six students from the Prek Eng campus we support, who were selected and have been participating in a specialized, new technology education program. Also, pray that each of the kids would grow closer to Christ.

Vietnam Outreach – Praise God there has been new Love Homes established and are growing to become a Church Point (fellowship of believers that meet consistently for worship). We now have helped start 15 Love Homes and out of those 10 have grown to church points in 3 northern provinces of Vietnam.  Please pray that God would guide these newer Love Homes and help them mature as strong followers of Christ.  Also pray that God would raise up and send out laborers into the harvest field of northern Vietnam.  And pray that the training for tribal women that began earlier in the year would continue – training in a sowing or food trade as well as learning how to incorporate their faith in Christ with their trade and in their families.

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