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Living the Gospel at Home

Jesus says that our love will be what identifies us as His disciples (John 13:35). As passionately as we seek to be ambassadors of God’s love and redemption across the globe, our desire is to be just as passionate about love and redemption in our own city.

We seek to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors by meeting them where they are at. Sometimes this means meeting basic needs like food donations to nearby schools, or English classes (ESL) for immigrants and refugees. Other times it means identifying ways to enrich our neighbors' lives such as tutoring programs or community dinners. The common heartbeat through it all is love - for the glory of God.

At Cuyahoga Falls, each of our Neighborhood Small Groups takes special intention and time to provide care and outreach to their neighborhoods. As a campus, we are involved with caring for the international community that is moving into the city of Cuyahoga Falls, especially the students and their families who attend DeWitt Elementary School.

Stephen Neumeyer

Campus Pastor

“Cuyahoga Falls has close to 50,000 residents and 51% identify themselves as “Nones” meaning they have no religious affiliation. This means that there are 1000s of people in our community who have no idea who Jesus is and the hope that only He provides. Our desire is to bring the Gospel to the people of our city. We want to see 51% become none.”

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