It's All About the Gospel

I follow a variety of different Christian leaders on Twitter and other social media. Invariably, as I scroll through my feed and see the many posts of the day I am struck by a common theme, negativity. Followers of Jesus, the world is watching. Jesus prayed in the garden that the church would be united, that we would be known for our love so that the world would see that the Father and the Son are united. When we spend our time looking for reasons to disagree and then use a public platform through which we air our disagreements, we are violating the very prayer that Jesus prayed.

This does not mean that we should not address heresies or other dangerous and false teachings. However, that is different than a simple disagreement on gray areas. The Gospel is Good News - do we sound like people who have the good news? 

Yes, we live in an age of an "us v. them" mentality. Whether you're watching the "news" or sports-related shows, the theme seems to be arguing. The shows pit different political views against, different sports personalities, or different whatevers against each other with the entire point to create an argument. And then we wonder why we can't be civil.

Church, we must be different, we must show the world unity through diversity. Again, this is not about compromising foundational doctrine, but it is about holding loosely those things that aren't 100% clear and required for orthodoxy. A good barometer is if there have consistently been different interpretations by solid Christians then maybe we should hold that topic loosely. 

This is also not to say that you should compromise on your beliefs. You shouldn't and you should continue to hold them and teach them. However, publicly name-calling or arguing publicly, especially on social media, is not the proper platform. Remember that you will be known for 1 thing - you can choose what that is. Be known for sharing the Good News, not for proving your point.