Don't Be Distracted

Don’t be distracted


As we go through Genesis it is easy to get distracted by the unknown and potentially unknowable. The “sons of God and the daughters of men,” the “Nephalim”, the days of  creation, the details of the flood, the tower of Babel, etc. all provide ample opportunity to become distracted from the main purpose of Scripture.

The Bible’s purpose is to show us who God is, to show us how our relationship with God can be restored, and to provide a tool for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.

It is easy to speculate about what certain words, events, and verses mean but that easily takes us away from the purpose of Scripture and will distract us from the point of the passage. The point in Genesis 6 is that sin has separated us from God. Sin is a much more serious thing than angels procreating with humans. Sin is what has corrupted our DNA, not angels.  

This is not to say that it is wrong to think about such things - in fact, some of my favorite personal studies have been about the history of the Tower of Babel and what happened from there - but it is to say that we should always return the focus upon the real issue - man is separated from God by sin and He has provided the way to be reunited with Him.

It is one thing to look at these things as individuals and seek to learn about God through them (they’re in the Bible). But our focus should always turn back to God and not to further speculation. We should not teach these types of things and we, as a class should be careful to limit discussion on them. I Timothy 1:3-7 makes this clear. Our focus here will be looking at the thread of redemption throughout Scripture.