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We look here at a variety of topics from Biblical studies to church planting, and a variety of other topics.



It's All About the Gospel

The Gospel is supposed to be good news. Too often, the news that Christians share, their interaction with each other, the things that they say are anything but good news....

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Divisions in the Church

The Church, as the Body of Christ, cannot be divided but must be unified. The unity of the Church is vital to its health and will have an impact on its mission to make disciples....

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More Than a Baby

Celebrating Christmas is more than a birthday party....

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Come as you are

There is a misunderstanding among many that we have to get our act together before we can go into a church or before we can come to Jesus. Jesus is called the friend of sinners, the great heroes of our faith never fully got their act together. Christianity is not about doing better in your life, it's about being forgiven and then living accordingly....

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Why Church

Why do we do church and why do we do it the way that we do?...

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Redemption in the Old Testament

If the Old Testament points us to Jesus why do so many people have such a difficult time seeing it. We start looking at this theme here. ...

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Don't Be Distracted

What to make of the Nephalim? We look here a bit deeper not at who they were but at how we should view them....

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