About Detail

Why Do We Exist?

We are committed to seeing every person believing in Jesus. We do this by being involved in the city, in the neighborhoods, and with our neighbors. Our church meets for Sunday worship gatherings in neighborhood areas and publicly owned buildings so that people don't have to travel far and can come to a familiar area to hear about Jesus. Our Sunday worship gatherings are redemption focused to encourage the Christian to continue living their lives for Jesus by making disciples and to proclaim the message of salvation to the non-Christians who are there. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation - it is what draws people to Jesus.

We are committed to becoming a disciple. Sunday worship gatherings are the culmination of a week-long life of worship in which we make disciples in the different contexts of our lives - where we live, work, and play. By doing this, the purpose of our existence is fulfilled and the emphasis is not on adding numbers to our church but on multiplying as we make disciples who make disciples.

One way that we make disciples is in the context of Gospelizing the Social. This means that we look for areas of social need and use our resources and energy to meet that need. Jesus made the physical world a better place because of the physical need but that wasn’t His end goal, His end goal was to draw the people to Himself.

We seek to belong to the family of believers. Our small groups are the place where we connect as a family. The small groups meet in homes, have a meal together, and enjoy life together.

We seek to build the kingdom. As the presence of Jesus Christ in the community of Cuyahoga Falls, in the neighborhoods where we live and in the city as a whole, all that we do is be done with the goal of introducing people to Jesus and helping to redeem the unredeemed city.

What Do We Prioritize?

In all that we do, our goal is to spread the Gospel to all of the people in the city of Cuyahoga Falls. This takes on many forms but never at the expense of the Gospel. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation and it is the final Word of God that cannot, and will not be compromised.

A key aspect of our desire to Gospelize the city is to multiply. A main component of our vision is to not hold onto our individual groups or ministries as ends in and of themselves. There are 3 core convictions that make up the identity of the Chapel Cuyahoga Falls.

  1. We are a multiplying church.
  2. In all that we do we seek to further the Kingdom of God throughout the city of Cuyahoga Falls.
  3. All people are in a discipleship relationship in which they are an active part of the Body discipling and being discipled.

How Will We Know if We are Successful?

Success means that God is glorified and more people in the city of Cuyahoga Falls love Jesus. The goal of The Chapel CFalls is 51-to-none. A drop in the 51% “nones” is the beginning of success, however, the goal is more than that. We will be successful when those in the community who did not know Jesus are in a fully-committed relationship with Him in which they are in an active role in the church body discipling and being discipled. We will see success through multiplication - small groups, smaller groups, and the church planting churches.